Iron Man VR has held its own in another week on the UK physical games sales charts.

The PSVR exclusive fell to the ninth spot in the top 10 according to the chart tracked by GfK and UKIE. The game debuted in second place last week, so it’s quite a sharp drop but still pretty impressive when you consider Iron Man VR is contending with games appearing on platforms with much better install bases. Iron Man VR sold more physical copies than new Nintendo Switch exclusive, Deadly Premonition 2 last week, for example.

As we said last week, it’s very possible that the boxed PlayStation Move bundle for the game, which gets you a copy of the experience and two motion controllers, is heavily contributing to Iron Man VR’s sustained position on the charts. Whenever PSVR itself goes on sale, for example, we see its pack-in title, PlayStation VR Worlds, sneaking back into the UK charts.

Again, we’re still waiting to see how the game performs through digital sales on the PlayStation Store, which we won’t hear about until early August.

Though some struggled with its technical shortcomings, we thought Iron Man VR was a great PSVR exclusive with fantastic controls and immersive action. Last week we published an extensive spoilercast with developer Camouflaj, in which we touched on both story and design. If you’re interested in learning more about the game and seeing what the future might look like for it, be sure to check that out.

We’ll probably see Iron Man VR slip out of the top 10 next week, but it looks like a top 40 position could still happen.

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