Community Download is a weekly discussion-focused articles series published (usually) every Monday in which we pose a single, core question to you all, our readers, in the spirit of fostering discussion and debate. For today’s Community Download, we want you to close your eyes and think back to the scariest VR horror moment you’ve experienced in a headset.

Horror and VR go together perfectly. Usually when playing a good, atmospheric horror game I’ve been known to turn off the lights, put on headphones, and try to limit all outside distractions so I can get properly immersed. That’s the best way to make sure the scares really hit home and get under your skin.

If you’re not getting goose bumps with chills down your spine, then what even is the point?

There are lots of great VR horror games and now with last week’s release of the new game mode in Affected: The Manor as well as Layers of Fear VR on Quest, and now this week’s release of Five Nights at Freddy’s VR on Quest, we’re due for a bit of spooky summer thrills.

In terms of scariest moment though, It’s hard for me to pick just one moment. I’ve reviewed many of the best VR horror games out there, from Resident Evil 7 VR and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood to A Chair in a Room: Greenwater, The Exorcist VR, and more. There’s a lot of great moments.

To this day though, the thing that sticks out most in my memory is from Resident Evil 7 on PSVR when, I’ll just say “she” to avoid spoilers, lunges at you near the beginning of the game, with her deformed and rabid face, and stabs you with a knife. It was so up close and personal it honestly made me uncomfortable. Then she chops off your hand and for a split second my heart sank and I really think it convinced me I was in actual physical danger.

It’s still the only VR game to literally give me nightmares because of how visceral it all felt.

What about for you? What’s the scariest moment you’ve had in VR?

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